Welcome to my kitchen! My name is Tianna, and I’m a baker and savory cook. I live in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada with my little family of four. We live on a small hobby farm with chickens and one big fluffy white dog named Tundra. We love living in the country and making everything from scratch.

Brown eggs and a whisk
Brown Eggs and Metal Whisk

When I was a child, I always wanted to learn to cook and bake with my grandma and mother. I’d stand on a stool for hours watching them perform their magic in the kitchen. I was always captivated by it and couldn’t wait to be old enough to grasp my first mixing spoon. From a young age, I began to freeze and preserve various products so that they would be available throughout the colder months when they were not as readily available. I was taught how to create various cakes and sweets, as well as pretty much any bakery item, so that if I ever couldn’t afford to buy a cake for a birthday, I could make one myself. I treasure the knowledge that my mother and grandmother imparted to me.

I’ll share simple, straightforward, and tried-and-true recipes that are both practical and mouth – watering. I’ll provide you suggestions and ideas to make your daily life easier and more enjoyable. You’ll find simple, resourceful recipes for the home cook; food that’s both delicious and interesting. All of my recipes have been tried (and re-tested) by my husband, kids, and friends for the daily cook. You’ll find everything from quick and easy appetizer to surprisingly delectable sweets here. I believe everyone will find something to their liking!

I’d love to hear from you if you do have any questions or comments.

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